Elena Wig

High quality synthetic fiber wig and lace front, reflecting the appearance of natural hair.
It can be heated with an iron or a dryer. Ideal for crossdressing!

High quality synthetic fiber wig with a totally natural finish, with tulle front.
This model is sewn completely by machine, it has a lot of hair, creating volume and harmony. Ideal for crossdressing, to use for a few hours, or a few days in particular.

It can be given heat with an iron or a dryer, changing if you wish, the hairstyle of the wig. It is the best synthetic fiber in wigs, similar to human hair itself.
The fire retardant properties of these fibers are inherent to the material from which they are made, and therefore this quality does not diminish with the use of shampoo.

The key to achieving an impeccable look!

A must for your crossdressing sessions!

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