Sexy Gaff Thong with garter belt

We present you an exclusive and very feminine  Gaff design especially for crossdressers and transgender people, the Venice gaff garter belt.

This super sexy garter belt with a thong, ideal to feel sexy and comfortable. They have a very functional and comfortable design.

Your most beautiful and intimate lingerie created just for you, so you can be beautiful on any occasion.

Size guide:

  • XS = 80cm waist circumference.
  • S = 85cm waist circumference.
  • M = 90cm waist circumference.
  • L = 95cm waist circumference.
  • XL = 100cm waist circumference.
  • XXL = 105cm waist circumference.

Your ideal gaff panties with an exclusive design to enjoy your intimacy and crossdressing!

Very comfortable and sexy!

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